Select between three different ways to define your scale.
Depending on your requirements you can choose the level of accuracy that suits you best.

The Ballistic Novice

To you shooting means recreation without dealing with too much physics. Still, a ballistic dial means more comfort and safety. Our standard dials provide you with exactly that - more accuracy and precision in average conditions out to medium ranges.

The Ambitious Hunter

You as a hunter have basic knowledge of ballistics and want to extend your effective range for hunting up to a specific distance. Average weather data of your area and the exact data of your rifle enable us to calculate the best solution for you.

The Long Range Professional

Due to your comprehensive knowledge of exterior ballistics you only trust your own calculations. You are able to give us the exact data to engrave in your individual Mk.1 Ballistic Turret. Now you will be able to find a faster and more accurate firing solution.